Saraswathi Physics Class - 9

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  Saraswati House Pvt. Ltd.
  Sanjay Bhatnagar
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SKU / ISBN No 9788173358449
Product Title Saraswathi Physics Class - 9
Board CBSE
Subject Physics
Class Class 9
Publisher Saraswati House Pvt. Ltd.
Author Sanjay Bhatnagar
Publication Year 2016
Edition Revised Edition
Weight 360 gms
Binding Paper Back
Exam Reference Text Book

Product Description


Book Description:
Physics is one of the most fundamental of all sciences, which deals with nature and various phenomena related to day-to-day life. This makes physics quite interesting and enjoyable subject. Ninth class is an important preparatory platform where students learn concepts and laws of physics which are used in higher classes as well as in competitive examinations. Considering this, related concepts which would be taught in higher classes are given in this book.
This book starts every topic at an elementary level. Concepts and definitions are presented in a lucid and comprehensible manner. For practical interpretation and understanding, everyday activities are discussed in relation to each topic. Large number of numerical problems are also solved which make a student confident and encourage him to attempt unsolved numericals. This book, strictly adheres to the revised NCERT syllabus for Class IX, has been presented in two parts—First Term and Second Term on the guidelines of Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation (CCE). Exercises have been bifurcated as per the requirement of Summative and Formative Assessments. All problems (Intext and Exercise questions) of revised NCERT textbook have been completely solved.

Table of Content:
First Term
What is motion? • Motion is relative • State of motion • State of rest • Displacement and distance
• Displacement • Distance • Uniform and non-uniform motion • Uniform motion, Non-uniform motion • Scalar and vector quantities • Scalar quantities • Vector quantities • Velocity and speed
• Non-uniform motion and acceleration • Deriving equation of motion using graphs • Some important graphs • Uniform circular motion* NCERTTextual Questions (Intext and Exercise) with Answers
Force and inertia • Force • Inertia • Newton's first law of motion or Law of inertia • Newton's second law of motion • Momentum • Newton's third law of motion • Conservation of momentum • Practical Based Questions • NCERT Textual Questions (Intext and Exercise) with Answers
Universal law of gravitation • To calculate the value of 'g' • Importance of universal law of gravitation • Free fall • Mass and weight • NCERT Textual Questions (Intext and Exercise) with Answers
Second Term
Thrust and pressure* Thrust* Pressure* Buoyant force and Archimedes'Principle* Condition for floatation • Experimental verification of Archimedes' principle • Relative density • Practical Based Questions • NCERT Textual Questions (Intext and Exercise) with Answers
Work • Negative work done • Work done against gravity • Work done when force acts at an angle • Energy • Kinetic energy • Potential energy • Power • Transformation of energy
• A simple pendulum: Example of conservation of mechanical energy • NCERT Textual Questions (Intext and Exercise) with Answers
3. SOUND S-78
Production of sound • Propagation of sound • Transverse wave • Characteristics of sound waves • Nature of sound and its propagation • Speed of sound in different media
• Experiment to prove that sound needs material medium for propagation • Range of hearing in humans • Ultrasonic • Reflection of sound • Reverberation • Uses of Multiple reflection of sound • Echo • Sonar • Application of Ultrasound • Structure of human ear
Practical Based Questions • NCERT Textual Questions (Intext and Exercise) with Answers


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