Learn & Play Keyboard in Indian & Western Notations in 30 Days

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  SRS Publication
  S. Raajagopalen's
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SKU / ISBN No 8190172662
Product Title Learn & Play Keyboard in Indian & Western Notations in 30 Days
Publisher SRS Publication
Author S. Raajagopalen's
Publication Year 2007
Edition Revised Edition
Weight 216 gms
Binding Paper Back
Exam Reference General Books
Age Group Ages 13+

Product Description

Contents: Learn & Play western notations 1. The Keyboard 2. Hands / Fingering chart 3. Finding keyboard keys 4. The Staff, Treble and Base Clefs 5. Memorising notes 6. Ledger Lines, Grand Staff 7. Note Duration-note families rests 8. Dots placed to a Note, Ties 9. Articulation, beaming of notes 10. Bar lines 11. Time signs / Beat sense., repeat signs 12. Counting to play 13. Accidentals and Enharmonic 14. Half steps and whole steps 15. Other notes 16. Intervals 17. Scale degrees 18. Scales - major scale construction 19. Minor scale construction / natural / harmonic / melodic 20. Pentatonic-major / minor, blues scales 21. Chromatic scales 22. Circle of fifths 23. Key signs -major/minor scales 24. Different Time group - Simple, duple / triple / compound time sign 25. Accidentals-sharp/flat/double sharp and flats, enharmonic 26. Chord- tetra chord, triad chords 27. Chords in different forms-slash chords / chord variations / 7th chords 28. Modes 29. Swing feel 30. Single/actual chords usage, chords progression in each scale Learn & play Indian notations 1. The keyboards - finding notes on the keyboard 2. Finger numbers 3. Keyboard functions 4. Reading Music in ABCD / Sa re ga ma from the keyboard 5. Semitones / tones 6. Half step/whole step 7. Time/beat signs 8. Counting 9. single finger/actual finger accompaniments 10. Scale formation-major/minor/extended chords 11. Indian & western Scales chart

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